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  • We use the Mikrotik RouterBoard433AH with OpenWrt versions Attitude Adjustment or Backfire for setting up our network. Refer Basic Configuration of RB 433AH for a detailed overview on how to compile the OpenWrt OS and setup the RB433AH to operate as an STA or AP.
  • Applications that you write for your machine won't work on the RB. The RB moreover does not have a compiler. So, if you want to build a custom binary for your RB, you will need to cross-compile your application. Refer to Steps for cross-compilation of applications for details.
  • Frottle is an open source GNU GPL project to control traffic on wireless networks that helps in eliminating the Hidden-node effect on your terminals. For steps on compilation of frottle package from the source code for OpenWrt and related issues refer Compilation and configuration of Frottle
  • The Palghar Test-bed
  • Compiled Images

  • Basic Image
    Attitude Adjustment 12.09 image for RouterBoard433AH with basic CSMA.
  • Frequency modified
    A part of my project required me to modify the compat-wireless drivers to modify the WiFi Channel 1 frequency from 2412 MHz to 2382 MHz. Refer this page for details.
  • Ramdisk
    The Ramdisk image used for netboot.
  • Requisite IPK files

    Here are some of theIPK files that were needed for various experimentation! Extract the tar file and execute the corresponding script!
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